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Sierra was born in Cincinnati and later moved to Los Angeles to pursue her interests in culture, travel and education. She quickly discovered archaeology which led her to earn a Master‘s Degree and a successful career in Southern California and Florida. She always had a passion for storytelling and writing, so she shifted her focus to writing a few years ago.

Breakfast in Bimini is the first book in the Trouble in Paradise series, followed by The Nordic Compass, which is her second book in the series.

Currently, Sierra resides in South Florida and Bimini, Bahamas, during the winter months and Helen, Georgia, during the summer. She lives with her husband and diva dog, Yoda. She finds sanity and peace in running, yoga and piloting a small plane. Her love of adventure has led her to explore and experience various parts of the world, and she never shies away from the unknown. She always seeks to expand her horizons through travel.


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