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Join Raven and Lucas on their thrilling adventures as they uncover history-changing discoveries in the pages of these books.

The Trouble in Paradise series is set in the Bahamas and South Florida. Both are available in Amazon Kindle, paperback and Audible for book one.


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Boating Bahamas Book, Breakfast In Bimini

What People are saying about Breakfast In Bimini

-Couldn't put "Breakfast in Bimini" down! Felt like I was right there along with Raven and Lucas on their exciting Bahamian voyage. The author provides superb descriptions of the Islands in the Bahamas and includes interesting historical revelations dating back to 1715. This book is definitely a thriller as there are surprising events which no one can possibly imagine.

-The book is fun and fast paced, but at the same time I could sense the beautiful, relaxing settings that were well described by the author. I enjoyed the book and recommend it.

-Once you start reading Breakfast in Bimini you will not be able to stop. Ms. Michaels knows her stuff - the historical information and her in depth knowledge of the Bahamas are so adeptly portrayed it keeps the reader interested throughout. This is a great summer read 

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